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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fresno Sheriff Investigating Theft From Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Department Rescue Truck #CAFire #CALaw

Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Department Suffers Devastating Theft And Vandalism Of Rescue Truck 

Rescue gear stolen from volunteer fire department

Kathryn Herr
07/07/2015 12:01 AM07/07/2015 12:10 AM

A volunteer fire department has fallen victim to a thief. Someone broke into a truck that belongs to the Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Department in Dunlap.

The thief took close to 15-thousand dollars of equipment that's supposed to help the mountain community.

"It's all locked up now but you can see the fingerprinting equipment that went on," said Greg Bardorf. He's the assistant fire chief with the Mountain Valley Fire Department.

Bardorf made the discovery Saturday morning. Someone had broken into the rescue truck for the Mountain Valley Fire Department and stolen what was inside.

"All the medical gear, all the rescue gear,"
That includes oxygen tanks, emergency medical supplies and 700 feet of rope for rescues.

"This is unique equipment, it's industrial equipment, you're not going to be able to tote it around very easily. And you're not going to be able to pawn it because it's marked so well," Bardorf said.

Mountain Valley Fire Department Firefighting EMS Apparatus
Mountain Valley Fire Department (Left to Right) E365, Water Tender 265, Water Tender 65 (NEW) and Utility 65 (Medical Unit). Engine 165 and Squad 65 not pictured. — at Twin Valleys Resturant-with our beautiful mountain in the back-ground.
They also punctured the gas tank possibly to siphon the fuel. But it just leaked onto the asphalt.

Mountain Valley Fire Department is a volunteer fire department funded by donations from the community.
And this has angered the community.

"I think it's wrong because when we have a call whether it's medical fire or anything, they're the first ones on scene, the volunteers. And they're so courteous," said Leslie Westbrook, who works in Dunlap.

Bardorf reported the theft to the Fresno Sheriff's Office, which is investigating.

And he also posted it to Facebook, hoping that someone knows who is responsible.

"And I know that everybody up here with social media now knows somebody else, who knows about it, who might know about it, so we'll see how this goes," Bardorf said.

The volunteer fire department has taken precautions to try and make sure this doesn't happen again. And they have some backup supplies to respond to calls.

They hope the person who took the gear will return it.

If you know anything about the theft, you can call Greg Bardorf at his business, the Twin Valleys Restaurant at (559) 338-0160. Or call the Fresno Sheriff's Office or Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP. You can remain anonymous.

Mountain Valley Volunteer Fire Dept. Facebook
Original Article: 

Monday, July 6, 2015

CA-LNU Sky Fire Solano County Six Alarm Brush Fire 150 acres 25% contained. [MAP] #CAFire

SKYFIRE CA-LNU Sky Fire,  Mix Canyon Rd, Solano County

Fast Moving Vacaville Brush Fire Threatens Homes. Evacuations in place for Mix Canyon Rd & Sky Ranch Lane.

A view of the Blue ridge #SkyFire

Voluntary Evacuations With Structure threats

Fire Map:

Update 7-6-15 1530: 150 acres & 25% contained., DT 4242 and DT4245 forming ST9428L immediate need to the Sky fire,  Erratic winds hampering efforts.

Update 7-6-15 1430: 90 acres and is 5% contained. 20 Type 3 Engines closest resource, 6 Dozers, 5 ST Crews

Update 7-6-15 1330: 6th alarm resources include 10 State Eng, 5 Tankers, 2 Copters
Update 7-6-15 1200: 4th alarm, Local Government Fourth Alarm. Should bring 12 engines of various ICS types and 3 water tenders. fire has creasted the ridge,moving toward structures
Update 7-6-15 1145: 30 acres, two airtankers and copter 514 from Grass Valley are now working the fire.

Location: Mix Canyon Rd, 
Sky Ranch X Mix Canyon Solano County
ROC: Fire on both sides of road. Road is blocked by vehicle fire
ROS: Rapid.

Cause: Vehicle fire
Online Scanner:
Live video:

Sunday, July 5, 2015

CA-SQF Grey Fire: Lightning Caused Wildland Fire Golden Trout Wilderness #CAFire

Grey Fire - Wilderness Wildland Fire - Golden Trout Wilderness

Grey Fire Golden Trout Wilderness 
Lightning strikes ignited a dozen new fires across the Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument over the past few days. The “Grey Fire” is the largest at four acres, and is burning near Grey Meadow in the Golden Trout Wilderness approximately 15 miles northeast of Springville on the Western Divide Ranger District.

Road Closures: At this time there are no trail or road closures in the Western Divide Ranger District. Firefighters will work to suppress all of the lightning caused fires as safely and quickly as possible. Storms continue to pass through the southern sierra mountains and bring the threat of lightning and more fires.

Update 7/4/2015, 1545: 4 acres,
Total Personnel 60, Crews are using Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics (MIST)
Three hand crews are currently working on the Grey Fire to stop its growth. Crews are using Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics (MIST) because they are in a wilderness area. Firefighters will suppress the fire with the least impact to the land. They will stop the spread to contain it within a designated perimeter boundary made up of natural barriers, and remain onsite to ensure it stays within that boundary.

Incident Type: Wilderness Wildland Fire
Cause Lightning
Date of Origin Friday July 03rd, 2015 approx. 07:00 AM
Location Golden Trout Wilderness, one mile north of Grey Meadow
GPS: 36.186 latitude, -118.501 longitude
Incident Commander Robert Benik

CAL FIRE Firefighter Seriously Injured by Falling Tree Two Inmate Firefighters Minor Injuries #CAFire


Update 7-6-15 0700: CAL FIRE has identified 25-year-old Damien Pereira as one of three firefighters injured while fighting a small mountain fire Friday.

Firefighter Pereria Is out of Surgery
Damien Pereira, 25, had surgery to repair broken vertebrae, and a second surgery is planned to address broken ribs and bruised internal organs the father of one is in pain but has his family by his side.
Pereira underwent the first of two major surgeries Saturday, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection reported.

Cal Fire spokesman Ryan Michaels said that Damien Pereira, 25, of San Luis Obispo County was in good spirits and surrounded by family and fellow firefighters while recovering at Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno. Doctors worked several hours Saturday morning to repair broken vertebrae, and a second surgery is planned for later in the week to address his broken ribs and bruised internal organs.
Firefighter suffers serious injures after a tree fell on him near Three Rivers
Damien Pereira, 25, is a husband and father -- now being treated for serious injuries.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Damien Pereira, 25, is a husband and father -- now being treated for serious injuries.

Cal Fire crews tell me Pereira has several broken ribs, bruised lungs and injuries to his spinal cord. They believe he's going to be okay but has a long road to recovery ahead of him.

A Lfeflight chopper rushed Friday afternoon to get a badly injured Damien Pereira to a hospital. He and two Mountain Home Inmate Firefighters were crushed while mopping up a small blaze sparked by lightning.

"The tree itself was about 36 inches in diameter it was a large oak tree. It was a substantial amount of weight and energy as that tree fell," said Cal Fire Captain Ryan Michaels.

The inmate firefighters had minor injuries but Pereira had to be disentangled from the massive tree. Michaels said the crews were fighting a relatively small wildfire in rural Tulare county. They don't know why the tree fell. But the drought is causing major complications he said making a dangerous job even tougher.

"There are certain areas of the sierra national forest that have seen an increase in dead trees and trees being impacted and stressed by the drought that number went from three-thousand in that area to about five-million," said Michaels.

The 25-year-old firefighter is a husband and father and has worked for Cal Fire for several years. Friday's fire was a routine call for the Tulare County unit.

"It's a sobering reality of the risks we take day in day out and we're just in the beginning of fire season and we have the potential of having a devastating year," said Michaels.

Cal fire crews said Pereira has another surgery scheduled for later this week and they hope to know more about the extent of his injuries in the coming days.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

LAFD Alvarado St Structure Fire One Dead, Two Hospitalized Critical and Three other injured, including LAFD firefighter

Los Angeles Fire Kills One, Injures Five Two Critically

Los Angeles Firefighters battled a blaze where tragically one man died, two were hospitalized in critical condition and three other people were injured, including a firefighter. Firefighter was transported in fair condition.

.At 8:20 AM on the Fourth of July holiday, LAFD responded to a Structure Fire at 804 N Alvarado Street in Echo Park.Exterior front of burnt home.
Firefighters arrived on scene to find a one-story home with the attic converted to living space, fully involved in flames, exposing nearby structures. Additional companies were quickly requested.

Firefighters made an intense and aggressive interior attack due reports of people possibly trapped inside. Five of the home's six residents, two of whom are related, were home at the time.
Firefighters in front of an Engine.
Over 50 firefighters, under the command of Assistant Chief Mark Storms, extinguished the flames in 36 minutes.

There were a total of six patients: One adult male was found inside, beyond medical help, and was determined dead. Two adult males were transported in critical condition to a local hospital, one male and one female were medically evaluated but declined transport, and one Firefighter was transported in fair condition.

There were no bars on the windows or security screens on the doors to prevent occupants from escaping the burning home.

Multiple agencies rallied together with the LAFD to offer support and services. The Mayors Crisis Response Team responded to provide immediate on-scene crisis intervention and emotional support to those affected by the deadly fire. The American Red Cross assisted with temporary housing of four adult males and one adult female that were displaced. Five members of MySafeLA canvassed over three streets adjacent to the incident and provided free smoke alarms along with information and even offered installation if needed. 

The home was equipped with smoke alarms, but is unknown if they were functional at the time of the fire. The cause is under active investigation by LAFD Arson Section, and the estimated dollar loss is being tabulated.

Dispatched Units: E6 RA6 E211 T11 RA811 E3 T3 E203 EM11 BC11 T20 E220 RA20 SQ21 RA11 RA35 RA56 AR1 E35 E215 T15 DC22 BC1 EA1 SU1 SU2 RA52 EM1 EM13 RA52 RA803 RA9 AR11 RA4 EM13 AR21 AR9

Source: LAFD 

LAFD: Prepare and Protect Your Pets From 4th of July Fireworks #CAPets

Fourth Of July Safety Message From Our Friends At LAFD

 Prepare and Protect Your Pets From 4th of July Fireworks

Fireworks Exploding in the Sky
Professional Fireworks Exploding in the Sky
Los Angeles - With their sensitive hearing, many household pets become terrified by fireworks.
In Los Angeles, it's not uncommon this time of year for firefighters to deal with persons bitten or injured by skittish animals or traffic collisions caused by wayward dogs, cats and horses.

Fireworks Exploding in the Sky
While we encourage attendance at a professional fireworks show, it's best to leave your furry friends at home with someone to watch over them. In fact, now is a good time to prepare your home to safely harbor your pet from frightful sights and sounds associated with Independence Day celebrations:
Cute Puppy Laying Down - Credit Robert O'Connor
Boots The Puppy Getting ready For The Fourth of  July
Make sure your pets are wearing proper identification - and consider a microchip. If your pet runs away due to fireworks, you'll have a better chance of recovering them if a sturdy, legible and accurate ID tag is worn.

Contact your veterinarian for professional advice in preparing animals for the noisy days to come. For household pets, a quiet and well-secured room with soothing music and your pets favorite toy may be just what the doctor orders. If you’re having visitors over, consider keeping pets in a room that’s off-limits to guests, with plenty of water and food.

Take a photograph of your pet and place the telephone numbers for your veterinarian and animal care and control agency near your home phone and in your cell phone. In the event of an escaped animal or crisis, you can contact these professionals promptly for guidance.
Even if your animals don’t seem upset by noise, they can still be harmed by burns, injuries and ingestions related to fireworks. Survey your property for hazards, and pay close attention to your pet for any signs of illness or injury.

Within the City of Los Angeles, our friends at the Department of Animal Services can be reached directly at (888) 452-7381 or by calling 3-1-1.

Should you experience an emergency that endangers human life or property and demands immediate attention, your Police or Fire Department may be contacted via 9-1-1.

Please join us in making sure that every member of your household celebrates safely!

Please refer to for updated information...

Friday, July 3, 2015

CA-SCU Geary Fire: 45 acres, 50% contained. Alameda County, Sunol Wilderness Vegetation Fire #CAFire

Geary Fire  CA-SCU Geary Fire: Alameda County, Sunol Wilderness

Vegetation Fire Ohlone Wilderness Trail / Sunol Regional Wilderness, East Bay Regional Park District.

Closures: Wilderness area temporarily closed.

"With this drought, conditions are so much drier," said Cal Fire spokesman Daniel Berlant. "It doesn't take much for something to easily ignite a wildfire."

Update 07/03/2015 1200: 45 acres, 125 firefighters, no structures appear threatened. A KTVU news van covering the fire rolled into a ditch on Calaveras Road near Geary Road, authorities said. No one was injured.
Update 07/02/2015 0930: CA-SCU Geary Fire: 45 acres, 50% contained. Steep terrain is limiting access.
Update 07/02/2015 0915: CA-SCU Geary Fire: 20 acres, 20% contained.

Start: 07/02/2015 04:30 
Location:  Fire is located in Sunol Wilderness, 10 miles east of Fremont, in Alameda County. above Calaveras road.
ROS: Fire is burning in dry thick brush at a slow rate of spread. 
ROC: Steep terrain is limiting access. 
Cause: Under investigation.

CA-AEU Ranch Fire El Dorado County Grass and Oak Woodland MROS, Difficult Access #CAFire

Ranch Fire CA-AEU Ranch Fire El Dorado County

Vegetation Fire 

Update 7-3-15 1315: 30 acres, 35% contained. Forward progress has been stopped.
Update 7-3-15 1200: 8 acres, 0% contained. 

Location: 4 miles southeast of Shingle Springs, in El Dorado County.
Fuels: Burning in grass and oak woodland.
ROS: Moderate rate of spread.
ROC:  Difficult access is hampering containment efforts.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CA-RRU Merwin Fire 175 acres. Moreno Valley Extended commitment time of resources. No structures threatened. #CAFire

Merwin Fire CA-RRU-74316 Vegetation Fire, Moreno Valley, Riverside County

Evacuations: Group camp area in Lake Perris State Park being evacuated.

Moreno Valley fire
— stu mundel (@StringerLA) 
Update 7-1-15 2300: Fire is now approximately 175 acres. Extended commitment time of resources. No structures threatened. Evacuation of Group Camping area at Lake Perris State Park remains in effect. No injuries reported.
Update 7-1-15 2200:  70 acres
Update 7-1-15 2100:  Fire is approx. 40 acres. Group camp area in Lake Perris State Park being evacuated.
Update 7-1-15 2045: 30 acres moving uphill away from structures towards Lake Perris

Location: Near Merwin St and Campbell Av in Moreno Valley, Riverside County.
Media: Information Officer, Battalion Chief Janssen en route. ICP Located at Merwin Street and Alessandro Blvd.
Twitter hashtag: #MerwinFire

CA-YNP Yosemite National Park Institutes Stage 1 Fire Restrictions until further notice. #CAFire

Yosemite Institutes Fire Restrictions

Remember too - Fireworks of any kind are not allowed within the park.  

Please have a safe Independence Day Holiday

Yosemite National Park is experiencing very high fire danger along with continued hot and dry weather patterns. Due to current and predicted fire conditions and possible active fire behavior, the park implemented Stage 1 Fire Restrictions until further notice. 

National Park Service LogoBy order of the Superintendent Yosemite National Park and under authority of Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations, and Section 2.13(c):
  • No building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire, or cooking fire (including charcoal fires) within Yosemite National Park including designated Wilderness and at High Sierra Camps below 6,000 feet in elevation. Portable stoves using pressurized gas, liquid fuel, or propane are permitted as are alcohol stoves (with and without a shutoff valve) including alcohol tablet/cube stoves. “Sierra” (twig) stoves are not permitted. 
  • No smoking below 6,000 feet, except within an enclosed vehicle, a building in which smoking is allowed, a campground or picnic area where wood and charcoal fires are allowed or in a designated smoking area. 
  • Campfires and cooking fires may still be used in designated campgrounds in developed portions of the park in accordance with park regulations.  
  • Designated Campgrounds: Upper Pines, North Pines, Lower Pines, Camp 4, Wawona, Bridalveil Creek, Hodgdon Meadow, Crane Flat, Tamarack Flat, White Wolf, Yosemite Creek, Porcupine Flat and Tuolumne Meadows, Yellow Pine, and Housekeeping cabins.
  • Cooking fires may still be used in designated picnic areas in developed portions of the park in accordance with park regulations. 
  • Designated Picnic areas: Lembert Dome, Tenya Lake, Yosemite Creek, Wawona, Mariposa Grove, Glacier Point, Cascade, El Capitan, Cathedral Beach, Sentinel Beach, Swinging Bridge, Church Bowl and Lower Yosemite Falls.
  • There are no administrative exemptions to this order.
Fire restrictions reduce the probability of an accidental fire that could threaten visitors and employees during times of high fire danger. Cooperation in complying with these temporary restrictions is greatly appreciated.

This designation will remain in place until rescinded. 

For More Information
Yosemite National Park Web page:  Yosemite Wildland Fire Facebook: -Wildland-Fire/12463296455395

CA-NOD R-2 Fire Lassen County 111 acres, 60% containment. Threat to sage grouse habitat.

R-2 FireCA-NOD R-2 Fire Shinn Mountain, in Lassen County

Update 7-1-15 1100: 111 acres, 60% containment. Wildfire Threat to the sage grouse habitat.
Update 7-1-15 0800:  150 acres, 0% containment. 

Location: 10 miles southeast of Ravendale, near Shinn Mountain, in Lassen County. 
ROS: Moderate
Fuels:  Grass and brush. 

Concerns: Threat to Sage Grouse habitat.

Fresno: Power Pole Storage Yard Fire [Video] #CAFire

 Fresno Fire Power Pole Yard Fire

Update 0900: Due to limited water access the fire is being allowed to burn itself out.

Location: Fresno Golden State Road near Highway 99 


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

CA-SCU- Highway Fire - Santa Clara County 42 acres, 60% contained, Threat to active oil fields #CAFire

Highway Fire CA-SCU-Highway Santa Clara County

Update 7-1-15 0700: 42 acres, 60% contained. Threat to active oil fields adjacent to the incident.
Update 6-30-15 1745: 50 acres; 50% contained
Update 6-30-15 1645: 40 acres, spotting hampering containment efforts.
Update 6-30-15 1545: 10 acres, burning in brush, 0% contained. Moderate rate of spread. 
Location: 6 miles southwest of Gilroy, in Santa Clara County.
ROS: Moderate
Fuels: Grass and brush
Resources: 8 hand crews, C-106, 12 Engines- Gilroy, Cal Fire
3 Charlie Strike Teams coming

Arizona will pay $670,000 to the Families of the 19 Hotshots But Questions Remain #AzFire


In this photo shot by firefighter Andrew Ashcraft, members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots watch a growing wildfire that later swept over and killed the crew of 19 firefighters June 30 near Yarnell, Ariz. Ashcraft texted the photo to his wife, Juliann, but died later that day battling the out-of-control blaze.
Associated Press photo courtesy of Juliann Ashcraft

Questions remain about what went wrong that day and who was responsible for the deaths of the firefighters...because today's settlement announcement means some questions might never be answered.

Today we remember the 2 year anniversary of the Line of Duty deaths of the 19 Firefighters in Arizona. While there has been much written about the fire and several law-suits filed some naming fire commanders, some feel very strongly that little has changed and it could certainly happen again...which is what was heard about fires before the Yarnell Hill fire...and others before that.

 As of last night, Arizona will pay $670,000 to the families of the 19 hotshots who died fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire and will implement new wildland firefighting procedures to improve safety in a global settlement of litigation stemming from the 2013 fire. We shall see.

Questions remain about what went wrong that day and who was responsible for the deaths of the firefighters...because today's settlement announcement means some questions might never be answered.

=The 12 family members who filed a wrongful death lawsuit each will receive $50,000 from the state's risk management fund.
=The seven families that did not sue will each receive $10,000 from the Arizona State Forestry Division, which was responsible for managing the Yarnell Hill Fire. 
=State forestry had been fined a record $559,000 for workplace-safety violations that may have contributed to the tragedy. 
=In lieu of paying the fine, the division will instead pay the families.In addition, state forestry will implement "enhanced safety training" for incident command management, improve its communications systems and work toward greater transparency.

An Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health investigation led the state Industrial Commission to issue $559,000 in fines against state forestry. The fines have been under appeal until now.

The settlement occurs without the testimony of Granite Mountain Hotshot Brendan McDonough, who barely escaped the firestorm that day and was the crew's lone survivor.

McDonough recently told the crew's founder that he overheard a radio conversation between Eric Marsh, the crew's supervisor who'd separated from the others to scout the fire, and Jesse Steed, Marsh's top deputy. It it, Marsh is believed to have ordered the crew to leave their safety zone. The conversation is believed to have occurred shortly before the hotshots were overcome by flames. Attorneys for state forestry repeatedly sought McDonough's testimony under oath, but a deposition never happened.

Here are some related videos worthy of your review:

America Burning: The Yarnell Hill Tragedy and the Nation's Wildfire Crisis
Video shows their last moments:
Here is their final radio traffic:
Here is one article of great interest "FEW CHANGES"
12 Firefighter families file wrongful death lawsuit

Take a moment to remember these Firefighters who lost their lives at that wildland fire:
Andrew Ashcraft, 29
Anthony Rose, 23
Christopher MacKenzie, 30
Clayton Whitted, 28
Dustin DeFord, 24
Garret Zuppiger, 27
Grant McKee, 21
Jesse Steed, 36
Joe Thurston, 32
John Percin Jr., 24
Kevin Woyjeck, 21
Eric Marsh, 43
Robert Caldwell, 23
Scott Norris, 28
Sean Misner, 26
Travis Carter, 31
Travis Turbyfill, 27
Wade Parker, 22
William "Billy" Warneke, 25


Source :The Secret List 6/30/2015-1921 Hours

CAL FIRE Urges Extreme Caution With Fireworks this Fourth of July! #CAFire #CADrought #SafeAndSane

CAL FIRE Urges Extreme Caution With Fireworks this Fourth of July

“Safe and Sane Fireworks are only as safe as they are used,” said State Fire Marshal Tonya Hoover.

 “Last year alone there were over 300 fires sparked by fireworks. We want everyone to enjoy their celebrations in a safe and legal manner.”

Felton–With the Independence Day holiday rapidly approaching, CAL FIRE is reminding all Californians and visitors to do their part to prevent fires caused by illegal fireworks or the misuse of “Safe and Sane” fireworks.

On Sunday, June 28 “Safe and Sane” Fireworks went on sale in approximately 300 communities throughout California.
 Although fireworks are a symbolic display of patriotism during this time of celebration, they can be dangerous when handled incorrectly or used in the wrong environment.

“As we head into the fourth summer of a severe drought, it is more important than ever that everyone use an abundance of caution to avoid sparking a fire,” said Chief Ken Pimlott, director of CAL FIRE.

“Here in California we have a zero tolerance for the use and sale of illegal fireworks.”

There are also legal ramifications when it comes to certain types of fireworks.
Possession of illegal fireworks such as sky rockets, bottle rockets, roman candles, aerial shells, firecrackers and other types that explode, go into the air, or move on the ground in an uncontrollable manner can lead to a possible fine of up to $50,000 as well as prison time or jail for up to one year.

 Even “Safe and Sane” Fireworks taken into a city or county where they are banned are considered illegal.  The State Fire Marshal approved “Safe and Sane” fireworks are allowed for use in many communities; however, they are not approved state-wide.
 Before purchasing these types of fireworks, be sure to check your local ordinances and follow the instructions to avoid accidents and injuries.
The public should note that all fireworks are illegal to possess, sell or use in 98% of San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties. Purchase and use ofSafe and Sane Fireworks is allowed only within the City limits of Watsonville, Capitola, San Bruno and Pacifica. 
In Santa Cruz County there is a $1,000 enhancement on fireworks-related citations around the July 4th holiday.

Fireworks Guidelines:

•First check that fireworks are allowed in the area of use 
•Make sure the firework has the State Fire Marshal “Safe and Sane” seal
•Purchase only from legitimate organizations authorized to sell
•Have a bucket of water, sand or garden hose available at firing site
•Read all instructions before use 
•Never alter, modify or enhance fireworks –use only in the manner intended
•Make sure fireworks have proper clearance from flammable materials including dry grass and brush

For a full fireworks safety guide visit or watch this short
CAL FIRE NEWS RELEASE - California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
June 30, 2015

Hearing with more than your ears: Bereavement Uniform Program (BUP)

Dear Bereavement Uniform Program (BUP) Group Members

Attached is a Bereavement Uniform Program link up instruction sheet. 

Bereavement Uniform Program Class A Dress Cap

Bereavement Uniform Program Class A Dress Cap

This is the fifth and maybe the last BUP LinkedIn Group email.  The group is now well over 2200 people strong. It is represented by people from many walks of life, but almost all share a relationship and a love of the Fire Service and the men, women and families that make it up. That said, it is notoriously non-responsive.
For the last several years, we've worked tirelessly to get the word out about the Bereavement Uniform Program.  We were trying to determine whether the Fire Service would support an effort to recognize and honor the service of every 'passing' firefighter with a Class A Dress Uniform in which to answer their 'last alarm".  We called this effort BUP Phase I and the response to the call (donate surplus dress uniforms) generated an outpouring of generosity that was truly extraordinary.  We stopped asking for donations due to lack of room.
Now we find ourselves beginning BUP Phase II; getting the program into the hands and onto the websites of America's smaller and volunteer department websites.  The change in targets from 'haves' to 'recipients' is proving to be a much more difficult issue.  
The disconnect between head nodding and feet moving is really quite amazing.  People have no problem donating surplus dress uniforms, but they seem to have major difficulty carrying the message back to their departments and getting it linked up. 
We've also discovered the world is full of haters and people who just can't figure out why the Lighthouse is doing this and what has become abundantly clear; the Lighthouse is not the appropriate messenger for BUP Phase II (linking up)
Attached is a Bereavement Uniform Program link up instruction sheet.  It has the coding necessary to link up (very graciously provided by the Washington Fire Chiefs staff) plus provides access to other tools and incentives from the BUP tool box. Please use them.  
This summer will be a defining moment in the value of the Bereavement Uniform Program.  It will be the catalyst for a more inclusive, egalitarian way to recognize service or it will become the Fallen Fire Fighter Dress Uniform on steroids.
I hope you hear how valuable the BUP can really be.  If you do, you are hearing with more than you ears.

Help make it happen in your department.

Steve Cohen, Pres. Lighthouse Uniform Company Home of the Bereavement Uniform Program
"...When a man becomes a fireman his greatest act of bravery has been accomplished. What he does after that is all in the line of work".  Chief Edward Croker, FDNY 1899 - 1911

Linking Up To The Bereavement Uniform Program 
Bereavement Uniform Program Instruction Sheet

Welcome and thank you very much for stepping up and taking part in the Bereavement
Uniform Program (BUP). It is through your efforts and the efforts of many others that
every firefighter, paid or volunteer, active or retired, can be afforded this ‘earned’
recognition of service; the opportunity to answer their ‘last call’ in a Dress Uniform, at
no cost to their family.

The first order of business; Get your department ‘linked up’.
Please Note: Linking the BUP to local department websites and/or Facebook pages is
the cornerstone of the whole BUP effort. It was deemed so important the Washington
Fire Chiefs staff stepped up and created the hyperlink and coding.

Below is the hyperlink and coding as well as a list of ‘tools’ available to introduce the

For more information on BUP ‘Faces’/’Voices’ Flyers, ‘Get Paid’ to Facilitate
linking forms and ‘Be Remembered’ Challenge Coins, please contact me directly at or give us a call at 800-426-5225

BUP hyperlink and coding; class-a-bereavement-uniform-program"

2. BUP ‘Get Paid’ to Facilitate linking form

3.BUP website; Bereavement Lighthouse

4. BUP “Be Remembered’ Wall of Fame (can be found on BUP website)

5. BUP ‘ Faces’/’Voices’ Flyers

6. BUP ‘Be Remembered’ Challenge Coins*

The ultimate goal of the BUP: create a new ‘shared awareness’ within America’s
firefighting community regarding who is entitled to answer their ‘last call’ in a Class A
from some to all and provide a way to do it.

The pieces are in place. The program has been tested. It works and is ready. If you
and your department step-up and ‘link up’ there is a very good chance that America’s
fire-fighting community will take a giant step in ‘taking care of those who took care of us’
Steve Cohen, Pres.
Lighthouse Uniform Company
Home of the Bereavement Uniform Program

*As a thank you to those responsible for facilitating a ‘link up’, the Lighthouse would like
to gift a ‘Be Remembered’ Challenge Coin (one per department)

To view a list of donating Departments please go to:

To view some of our testimonials please go to:

Twitter links


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